HDOS is a community project that is restoring the high detail graphics of RuneScape while maintaining its original charm.

Latest beta release: v473 - February 15, 2024


Did you play RuneScape in 2009? For some OSRS players, a lot of their memories were the times of the newer Abyssal whip, Alchemy spells, and more aesthetic environments and areas. The HDOS client provides OSRS players with a true 2009-era HD experience to play RuneScape in ways they haven’t imagined in over a decade.


Plugin settings

Plugins are configurable to your preferences and playstyle with high amounts of customizability.

Loot Tracker

Display and track loot obtained from monsters, minigames, and more.

Discord activity

Displays your HDOS in-game activities status on Discord.


Transmog in-game pets to any Summoning familiar of the past!


Frequently asked questions

What is HDOS?

HDOS, or High-Detail Old School, is a free-to-use third party client for Old School RuneScape that emulates the aesthetic of 2009 RuneScape HD.


For many RuneScape players, the 2007-era graphics do not resonate with them as it was before the time they were truly immersed by RuneScape. The HDOS client allows players that enjoyed the look and feel of 2009-2011 RuneScape to experience that era while playing Old School RuneScape today. Additionally, the HDOS client engine has been rewritten for maximum performance optimization including support for multi-threaded cores. With these improvements, the client is able to run smoothly on lower-end PC builds.

How do I play on the HDOS client?

You can login to Old School RuneScape using HDOS by downloading the client through the homepage or launching the client through the Jagex launcher.

Is there any risk of being banned for using the HDOS client?

As of June 2022, HDOS is on Jagex's official approved clients list, meaning there is no chance of being banned for playing on HDOS. You can read the full newspost regarding Jagex's stance on Third Party Clients here.

Is HDOS open source?

The development of this project involves tools that we have designed with the sole intent of client performance and visual enhancements. Some information and parts of code could potentially be used by people that have intents outside of just developing an HD client. Because of this, we believe it is in the best interest of both Jagex as well as the integrity of the game to keep this project closed source until Jagex approves otherwise.

Does HDOS have plugins similar to RuneLite?

Yes. HDOS utilizes what we call the plugin subsystem, which allows us to easily integrate plugins that are publicly accessible from RuneLite's open source. HDOS also has the option to import your existing RuneLite plugin setting configurations for ease of transition from client to client.

I’m having problems with the HDOS client. What do I do?

If you are having any problems with the HDOS client, please join our Discord where community members will be able to assist you. If you would like to submit a bug report, you can do so through our Gitlab issues page here.